Data Entry

Data Entry

Do you need a reliable person to enter your data?

Someone to trust and is accurate?
Data entry is crucial to any business. We need to collect accurate data in order to run our business

You maybe collecting information about;

And using it to process orders, streamline services or improve your products.

Data entry

Data is everything!

Except when it’s done wrong!

It needs to be entered accurately and correctly.

I have worked in administration for 30 years. I know the importance of good data entry.

I have experience in Government, clinical research and private organisation and have worked with many small and large databases.

From entering in evaluations, customer information, updating business notes through to scheduling appointments. As I have had many years’ experience in data entry, I can easily problem solve and be accurate with your data.

For example, one of my amazing clients has ‘on the road’ sales people who handwrite their customer contact forms.

These forms are scanned onto a shared cloud site. Within 2 hours each week, I can download the scanned information, accurately enter the data and save the document into another folder.

AND THE BENEFIT OF THIS is I am only paid me for two hours. No wasted hours. My client has the data ready to send out marketing emails, creating more business and more engagement with his clients.


Another client I support is a Coach/Trainer.

She runs group training sessions and one on one sessions.

Before her training sessions, she sends me her participants contact information, which I accurately enter into her CRM. At the end of every training session she scans her evaluation forms and uploads to the cloud. Because I enter that data into her CRM she is then able to produce a feedback report, improving her business.


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How does this work?


I am a casual contractor so you have the benefits of

  • No Super or payroll tax
  • Only paying for the time spent
  • One fee ($40 per hour), no hidden costs
  • Invoiced fortnightly

I also offer the following benefits

  • English speaking
  • Australian born
  • Police checked
  • Working with children checked
  • Confidentiality assured
  • University Educated

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