Need help with a resume and a cover letter? What about help with selection criteria?

helpadmin can help!

A professional resume is important and it matters!

A standard resume and cover letter will cost $80.

Email me the job ad or chosen industry and your current resume and I will format and create a cover letter for you.

I can do selection criteria's at $30 per question.


I can apply for jobs for you. 10 applied jobs for $40. In this service helpadmin will use the cover letter and resume and apply for specific industries that you would like to work in. For example; barista work, I will search and apply for barista jobs that is in your chosen area.

I have had many years experience working with unemployed people helping them gain suitable employment. I have worked for Government employment agencies and I understand the need for a strong cover letter and a clear resume. I have written over 200 resumes.

This service would suit people who are new to Perth or who are too busy to do the research and apply. Contact helpadmin via email or use the contact page.