Monday vs Trello

Monday vs Trello

Project management software

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I have heard a lot about Monday and Trello and Asana, I thought I would compare two of these programs for myself. I prefer Monday to Trello as I am a linear person, who likes order and structure. Hence why I am a fabulous virtual assistant!!!

I only tested the free versions for obvious reasons.

Monday Trello
Pros Cons Pros Cons
Linear layout Creative layout
Time Recording on paid version Time tracking is a third party
Create easy checklists A few clicks in to add checklists Easy to add checklists
You need to click in to see additional checklists You need to click in to see additional checklists
CRM still developing CRM is a third party
Clear visuals on templates Very wordy templates
Unlimited users Limited number of users
Colour blind friendly mode

Both programs are great for leaders who like to brain dump what is in their head. As a leader you can go into these programs at any time, day or night. And just dump all your ideas, all your tasks that need to be done. You can create a heading such as – launch new ebook and then create a checklist such as catering, decorations, chairs, publicity.. etc… and assign people in your teams. Then your working bees can click in and find what tasks are theirs and get on with checking them off. You can see who touches each tasks and keep track of them. Or just trust and let them be 😊

There are so many additional add on’s, such as calendars, zoom, google apps and you can link your emails and send clients updates. However I do believe that CRM for both are still in the development stage.

My vote is Monday and its not a paid vote!! (I wish). I like Monday as the training video man has a nice voice and made me laugh. Also the program is linear, which works best with my brain. It is a clear list and clear columns and I don’t need to think, I can brain dump quickly and just work on each task.

Trello does have a CRM option however it is third party, I didn’t want to give it permission to read all my boards. So I didn’t test it! Trello is more for the creative types as you can change colours, move boxes around.

I would suggest that you test them both out at the same time and see what works best for you. Its about the best program that suits your brain!

Good luck and let me know what you think.

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