Why I started my own business!

Virtual assistant with a laptop Why I started my own business
I started HelpAdmin as I want to provide a high quality of work and accuracy. I want to be able to listen and support people. I am fabulous at administration and a great multitasker. HelpAdmin means that I can work from home and help many people all over the world. To collaborate and communicate with all different kinds of business.

I am very passionate about customer service and honouring people who I work with. I believe in doing whatever I can to support people. I believe we all have our own box of chocolates and we are all trying to do our best and live how we want to live. I want to work in partnership with people and be part of the conversation. I will advise and offer different solutions. I know databases and I know administration. I have 30 years under my belt, from being in admin before computers were trendy, to waiting for dial up (that was fun) and now NBN (I have not seen a difference in speed)!

As a virtual personal assistant I have the pleasure of anticipating your needs and supporting you with any tasks. I had a client who is a professor at University of Western Australia. I would take minutes at meetings, type up reports, write tenders and I had to remind her to eat lunch and drink water! What a great pleasure it was to take care of such a brilliant woman, while she weaved her magic.

I have a talented client who is a workplace trainer, she is completely up in the clouds and unwilling to type her manuals and handouts. What a great privilege it is to work for her and do what she does not want to do. As I sit and type her handwritten notes, she is out talking to people and doing what she loves, and I am doing what I love.

I do MYOB for a client who runs a meditation center, he is busy with rosters and bookings and keeping the center running. And I work in the background entering and cross matching his finances. I get to support his work in teaching people to mediate, this is what he focuses on.

I started my business so that I can assist people without the constrictions that organisations have. I am not restricted to my job description. As a business owner I am limitless in what I can do for people. What can I do for you?

My values are respect, trust, laugh, see the positive and do what I can. If I do not know it, I can learn it.

Working with me, will mean that you receive all my expertise and my type A brain.

Think for a minute about what tasks annoys you and can you hand that to someone else?

Is there a weekly tasks (report) that takes time? Can I do it for you?

Do you need someone to do your data entry?

If you gave these tasks to someone, what would you do instead?

Let me be your virtual assistant, let me be your virtual personal assistant.

Fleur Gowland

Virtual Assistant, HelpAdmin

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