Asana. Is it better than Monday & Trello?

Asana comparison
A lot of my clients use Asana, so I thought I better learn! I still prefer Monday for project management. I tested Asana’s free version there wasn’t much I could do on the free version. A limited amount of fields/columns.

As you click through the options, it is very clear how many options are limited to you on the free version of Asana. It is a tease. Whereas Monday and Trello didn’t have this, well not so obvious.

You can have tasks lists and separate project lists. And you can easily see from the home page, how many projects you have and what tasks are due today! Actually, this was very useful and I couldn’t find this option on Monday. Certainly, you can create a weekly tasks list and the programs, however they are all called boards in Monday. Whereas Asana splits the two.

There doesn’t seem to be as many templates on Asana compared to Monday and Trello, and to view them, one needed to click through and of course most of them are on the paid version.

All programs have the same features. For example creating a project and then adding the tasks associated with that project.

Or …

You can create just a task list, a simple list of all what’s in your beautiful mind! And you can create sub tasks within a tasks. Simple!

It seems that Monday and Asana have their own easy to connect applications, where as Trello uses 3rd party. The below list is very small comparison. I am sure any of the project management tools will connect with your software, it is about how easy they do this. Sometimes going through a third party adds technical complications. I understand that trying to get hold of your fabulous IT person can be difficult, and no one wants to restart their computer!

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Good luck and let me know what you use.

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