How to get organised!

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I thought I would write a post about how to get and stay organised. I sat down to think how do I do it?

How do I have multiple jobs/tasks/clients and still manage to complete tasks.

I realised that my brain is a filing cabinet. I have multiple to do lists in my head. I can see them clearly in front of me. One list for client A, one list for client B, and so on. Then when I tap into a list, I can pull open the drawer to the filing cabinet in my head and see all the tasks.

When I work as a virtual personal assistant and tasks fly in via text/email/messenger or phone call. I just simply add them to the lists in my head! I will also scribble one word in my client note book (every client gets a note book). When I sit down to do the work, all the tasks just pop into my head, one by one. I can see the task and I can see the tick in my head.

This clearly isn’t useful for helping you stay organised!

Maybe this blog is about how I work for you?

Some Virtual Assistants use Trello  or Monday  or other scheduling/time keeping programs. I found that my clients don’t need me to “keep time”. And I always look at my clock and keep my own track. There is an app that blocks you from doing work on your phone. It is meant to keep you focused. For me it was too distracting trying to grow a tree.

When you engage my services, I will work with any system and follow your schedule. An organised person can adapt and move lists around.

Ok let’s get back to you.

Can you sit down for a moment with your computer or a notepad and start making a list? Can you list all the things that you need to do TODAY!

  1. Enter invoices / create invoices
  2. Balance the books
  3. Call Joe Bloggs
  4. Create that word document
  5. Organise Joe Bloggs pay
  6. And so on..

This is a brain dump! Get it all out. You may need another list with all the future tasks. Some clients have lists for each day. For example, Monday is for scheduling, Tuesday is for seeing clients, Wednesday is for banking and so on.

Now let’s reorder the list. What needs to be done now? What can be delegated? Can I help you?

Staying organised is easy for me. We all have different skills.

Fleur Gowland

Virtual Assistant, HelpAdmin

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