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About Fleur Gowland VA Perth WA Australia

Why hire me?

Making a decision to hire a virtual assistant can be daunting. I wanted to share a bit about me and where my skills come from. I run my own business and I use other small business to assist me, such as website help. It is important to trust and to connect before handing over a part of your business. After all I will be your assistant and here to support your business.

I am in my late 40’s and born in Melbourne and moved to Perth in 2000 when my nephew was born. One look at Perth beaches and I was in love. What amazing clean sunsets. So, I stayed in beautiful Perth.

I have been working in administration since 1990, I worked in disability assisting people with everyday tasks and I began to learn how to write reports and programs. I love being able to think creatively and adapting programs to suit individual needs.

Moving to Perth meant that my Victoria disability qualification didn’t match Western Australia and I couldn’t write programs! I started doing caring work, assisting people in their homes and travelled Western Australia.

I then jumped back into administration and started working in frontline. The best thing about frontline is that you get to perform a variety of tasks. From word processing, data entry to writing reports, nothing is off limits.

In the last ten years I have learnt how to manage large and small projects, make money for companies, macros in word and excel and how to manage people!! I learnt the art of being a personal assistant and managing both of our workflow. I have learnt that every database has common themes, such as customer input, comments, actions and resolutions. I can pick up any system and learn quickly as all databases are about accurate data input to generate data.

My best experience was working at the local Children’s Hospital with nurses. They are an amazing dedicated people. They understand about teamwork and how to cram a 1000 tasks into a day! I loved keeping up with them, they would throw me tasks such as creating an excel sheet to keep track of supplies or creating a database for delivering medicines and booking appointments.

And now I have my own business – helpadmin.com.au, where I can create my own money and take care of my clients, my way. I believe in being available, taking time, and supporting people. My clients are my people, I value their work and they value me. I get thrown some interesting work and as I have a strong administration background I am able to keep up with them. There is more to learn and I want to grab all that knowledge and put it to good use.

I meditate, go for long walks and loose myself in nature and I love to sit and read a good book with a cuppa I have amazing friends, that I adore. And I love playing Catan online. I am extremely organised and I am that person that always has their phone charged!

I encourage you to email me and set up a phone chat, tell me what you need and I will tell you how I can help you.

Take care and speak soon

Fleur Gowland

Virtual Assistant, HelpAdmin

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