How to Create a template in Microsoft Outlook

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As I Virtual Assistant I often set up Microsoft templates in Outlook for ease of replying to messages. I do this for many of my virtual clients. For example, if you receive emails regarding prices or where do I find you? Or questions that have generic answers such as specifications on products. You can easily create templates with all the answers. This will save you time. You could even set up a template for reporting! It is extremely easy to do and will create more time in your day.

A template in Microsoft Outlook.

Instructions specifically for Microsoft Outlook that you open on your computer, as an app

Note: Different apps and different versions of outlook will have different instructions. Please email me what version you have, and I will be happy to give you further instructions at no charge!

Select - New Email

Type what you want in the email,

a list of your prices, a map of where you are etc.


On the top ribbon of the email, hit file, then Save as


Type the file name. eg; prices, location, product


Then under that change the file type to Outlook template (*.oft)


This will save your email as a template to be retrieved anytime.

save as

To retrieve email

To retrieve email

On the top ribbon you will see New email and New items

new email

Click on the drop down arrow in New Items. Click on More Items   Choose From

choose from

Change the “look in” to User templates in file system


Then open


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